The Board Members of The A Pledge around a black flag with the initials for the city of Atlanta


The A Pledge is dedicated to incubating, advising, championing, and partnering with Black-owned agencies to drive diversity, equity, and (DEI) in Atlanta. We believe that the success and growth of Black-owned agencies can make the most significant and lasting impact on DEI in our community.

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We do one thing, and do it with fanatical focus. We are dedicated exclusively to supporting Black-owned agencies, harnessing our resources and energy to achieve the greatest impact.

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The Affinity Effect

True diversity and inclusion can only be realized when Black-owned agencies thrive. We empower those who reflect the communities we serve, fostering an inclusive and representative ecosystem.

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A Tectonic Shift

Equity is creating a level playing field where everyone, regardless of their background, can succeed. We address systemic imbalances through ownership, economic empowerment and equitable opportunities, supporting lasting success for Black-owned agencies.

By embracing these principles, we catalyze, close existing gaps, and create a more equitable and inclusive future for Atlanta's business community.

To Our Partners & Sponsors, Thank You!

At The A Pledge, our mission to elevate Black-owned agencies in Atlanta would not be possible without the unwavering support and dedication of our esteemed partners. Your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has been instrumental in driving our initiatives forward and creating meaningful impact within our community.

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